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  • Physical Education staff of our school conducted International Yoga day on 21.06.2020 over online. Students from class IV to class X participated in it. More than 8 asanas were taught. students were motivated to learn and practice those asanas every day. 
  • Our school got upgradation to senior secondary on 14.07.2020       
  • Our school first 10 batch result was published on 15.07.2020        
  • Kamaraj day and PI day was observed and activities were conducted in online for all classes.    
  • Dr. APJ Abdul kalam’s 5th Remembrance Day was observed on 27.7.20. Students paid tribute to Dr. A P.J.Abdul kalam by participating in different programmes on 27th  July 2020 through online. The correspondent Mr.A.Senthil Ramesh presided over the function. The Principal Mrs.Sabural Banu Ibrahim, The headmistress Mrs.Mahalakshmi Vittal, The Assistant headmistress Dr.M.Porkodi graced the occasion.
  • Sensei A. S. Kasi Viswanathan of class X  has been appointed as Madurai District Joint secretary of All India Seishinkan Isshinryu  karate Association of India(Reg no. 722) for the year 2020-2021 on 03.08.2020.      
  • 74th Independence Day was celebrated with unprecedented patriotic fervour on August 15, 2020. The celebration activities were done by the children at their homes. Our correspondent, Shri A. Senthil Ramesh, unfurled the tricolour flag followed by National anthem. The Corona warriors were invited and were honoured with a gift and shield on this auspicious day. The custodial workers of our school were also honoured with a gift on this special day.         
  • On 17th August,2020 Sangya and Angelina Shalom students of class 7 presented a seminar on topics “Future Education Post COVID” and “Impact of Corona Viruses on Jobs in India” under the guidance of teachers of Department of English. They prepared content in a crystal-clear manner and presented it.     
  • A motivational webinar addressed by Miss. Purna Sundari, IAS was organised by SBOA School Senior Secondary, Madurai for the students of class X and XI on 21.8.2020 between 2:15 and 3:00 pm. Our school correspondent Shri. A. Senthil Ramesh and Principal Shrimathi. Sabural Banu Ibrahim graced the occasion with their immense presence and participation. Headmistress Mrs.Mahalakshmi Vittal introduced the Madurai icon Miss. Purna Sundari ,25 years old, visually challenged who has successfully passed UPSC Exam.

Monthly Activities June 2020 - April 2021

  • The Corona awareness program was conducted through online session on 31.8.2020.  Akshaya of Class 5 has presented PPT and explained the current issues relating it with mathematical concept. She gave a detail review on all countries and states affected by corona. Students understood the origin of corona virus, part of the body which would get affected by COVID – 19 through bar graph students gained knowledge on the number of people affected by corona in different countries.
  • Many students participated in the competitions conducted by Hindustan Scouts & Guides and secured prizes in various competitions.
  • The Students and Staff of Hindi department have celebrated Hindi Diwas day through online on 14.9.2020 to promote Hindi as National language of   India. During online class activities   like    singing ,  Doha recitation, Hindi poetry  were conducted for primary classes. Students participated enthusiastically.        
  •  Fit India movement run was initiated in our school campus by Department of Physical Education, where in students and staff were invited to join the run on 25/09/2020 to insist the importance of staying fit by participating in the Run. Our Correspondent Mr. A. Senthil Ramesh encouraged the staff, Students to participate in the run and it was inaugurated by Mrs.Sabural Banu Ibrahim, Principal. 50 Students started their run of 5 km  at Samanar hills and completed at SBOA School Senior Secondary campus. Teaching and administrative staff covered 2 km during the run and marked the day by concluding at the finishing point.
  • British council International Dimension School activities on the topic "Protective outfits" is implemented to gain knowledge about the different traditional costumes around the world. To reinforce on the content we conducted Fashion parade for the students of class I on 29.9.2020. Kids were dressed up , expresses about the seasons, types of formals during festival occassion in the traditional costume of Japan, Africa and USA. Many kids took part in the event enthusiastically.           
  • As a part of British council International Dimension School action plan, the school planned to execute seven different projects for students of different age groups. Students within school have to involve in international framework and collaborative curriculum-based work. To fulfil the objectives, a tie-up with Saugaat Montessori school, Kathmandu, Nepal was extended. On 8th October under the guidance of Our Principal a planning session was arranged in which we discussed and exchanged our action plan and activities. Mrs. RajyaLaxmi, Principal, Saugaat Montessori, Mrs. Pratiba Makaju, ISA Co-ordinator, and Mrs.Sanju Sharma shared their compliments towards our students performance.       
  • Workshop on the topic "Power up English" on 29.10.2020 conducted by our Headmistress Mrs Mahalakshmi Vittal and Mrs Srividya, Dept of Science to refine the quality of teaching.
  • Art integration projects started in the month of November for classes I to IX on various topics integrating the culture and heritage of Kashmir and TamilNadu as per the circular received from CBSE board.         
  • Dharani vendhan of class IV and Rizwana of class XI were shortlisted for second level from 745 participants in the speech competition held by KALAM 2020 TALK of Abdul Kalam Vision India on 1.11.2020.
  • IDA - Extending Collaborative Activities ~ Session 2 - On 5th November 2020, under the umbrella of collaborative learning, an online meet was arranged between Saugaat Montessori School, Nepal and SBOA School senior Secondary, Nagamalai, Madurai-19. Mrs Rajya Laxmi, Principal, Saugaat Montessori School, Nepal, Mrs Pratiba Makaju, IDA Coordinator, Mrs Sanju Sharma, Teacher took part along with their students’ team from class III. Mrs Sabural Banu Ibrahim headed the session. Mrs.Mahalakshmi Vittal, IDA Co-ordinator, Mrs.S.Sheeba Devakani, Teacher-in-charge, Mrs. Sujatha Teacher incharge participated with students from classes II and III. Student Aarsiva from Saugaat Montessori school welcomed the gathering. This ed-tech encouraged our students to develop social skills as they shared their specially prepared greeting cards online. They exchanged their love and knowledge in festivals. Students paid tribute and respect between two countries by singing National anthem. Student Aaron from Saugaat Montessori rendered the vote of thanks.    
  • Extending Collaboration for Activity Title:MAHOTSAV In this meeting, students from SBOA school Senior Secondary shared their knowledge about  “Pongal- South Indian Harvest Festival”. On the Outset, four-day Pongal Hindu festival was Modulated by Anika, Kaushika, Lakshitha and Sanjana with flashcards from classes II and III respectively. Diya Ganesh from class III trout out with sweet Pongal for the show. She won the applause. Ahaldiya, the student in her traditional wear served as ‘Master of Ceremonies’. On the other hand, children from Saugaat Montessori narrated their cultural food recipes prepared by different communities in their country.
  • To commemorate the 131st birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who was known for his effort to increase awareness on the rights, care and education of children, Children’s day was celebrated on 13.11.2020. Children’s day, a day marking childhood was celebrated in our school with great joy. Various online competitions were conducted for every group of children. E-Certificates were sent to the prize winners.
  • 21st century literary club activity for classes VI – VIII were conducted. Class – VIII Literary club conducted activity on “Development of vocabulary skills” on 21.11.20.
  • FIT INDIA WEEK CELEBRATION: Virtual activities for Fit India School week celebration 2020 were conducted for the classes I to IX from 16.11.2020 to 27.11.2020. Activities such as yoga, freehand exercise, shuttle run and chess along with physical activities such as poster making, essay writing etc., were conducted online. Students participated with great enthusiasm and got benefited in altering the behaviour from ‘passive screen time’ to Active field time. It helped them to enhance self-esteem and confidence in the students.        
  • Teacher attended COE seminar on the following topic:
    • Py health and well being in school by S.M. Sundari on 15.11.2020,
    • Enhancing life skills  by G. Bhavani on 17.11.2020,
    • POCSO Act by G.Sumathi on 20.11.2020,
    • Stress management at work by M. Nazreen by 23.11.2020    
  • Readers’ club meet was conducted on November, 12 & 27, 2020 by the department of Tamil and English respectively. Mrs. Kalyani Selvi, Dept. of Tamil shared information about V.O. Chadambaranar and with his rarely seen pictures. Mrs.Sheeba Devakani, Dept of English shared the success story Of Barack Obama and the following session on reciting tongue twister conducted by Mrs.Radha, Dept of English.
  • Teachers Empowerment Program for English Proficiency Test was conducted by Mrs. G.Sumathi, Mrs.P. Mangayarkarasi and Mrs.S. Sheeba Deva Kani Department of English on 19.12.2020 and 20.12.2020 in view with enhancing teachers’ language proficiency and grammatical competence. Topics covered : Parts of Speech, Tense, Question Tag, Transformation of Sentences and Subject-Verb Agreement.   
  •  READERS CLUB: On the month of Decmber, 2020 & Being thankful is an identity  ~ readers club activity based on Thanks giving was conducted on 10.12.2020 by K. Hepziba & R. Anandhi – Math department. All the staff members took part enthusiastically and shared their word of gratitude to their friends.   
  • To insist on the overall development in children art and culture competitions "The second expression series", were announced by the CBSE board. Children of our SBOA senior secondary school participated in the various competitions and participation certificates were given to the following students: Shreya of Class XI, Sreenithi Kathirvel of Class  IV, Harikha of Class IX, Sanjeevani of class – VI
  • To improve the reading skills, interesting stories from e-books were circulated among the students by the English teachers. Students were assessed in different phases during the second week of December.
  • Children of class VII selected their art integration project on congruent triangles. They made pots out of Paper-mâché and painted the pot using congruent shapes and congruent triangles. Interested students came to school and painted the school flower pots using congruent shapes.
  • English Proficiency Test for teachers was conducted on 6.1.2021 in view with enhancing English language proficiency and Communication skills of the teachers.
  • Math week was observed and competitions were conducted for the students of classes I to XI between 4.01.2021 and 08.01.2021. Various activities like number art, possible of addition & subtraction, patterns in multiplication tables, clock making with moral, fraction art, slido - quiz on integers, algebra picture puzzle, role play quadrilateral, sassy surface area, glossary - triangles, poster making using venn diagrams.
  • Teacher Empowerment programme: The workshop on the topic  “Enhancing Communications skill” was conducted by our Principal Mrs. Sabural Banu Ibrahim on 08.01.2021. The basics of communication were taught and the teachers were encouraged to incorporate, practice the skills and implement the same in the classes.
  • HINDI VISWA DIWAS: The Students and Staff of SBOA School Hindi department have celebrated Viswa Hindi Diwas on 10th January 2021 to promote Hindi as National language of India. The day is marked as a special day. During online class, various activities like singing, slogan writing, Hindi Rhymes, Hindi speech were conducted for all classes. Students participated enthusiastically.
  • Pongal Celebration: A traditional thanks giving occasion to nature, Pongal was celebrated on 12.01.2021. Kg Teacher taught about the harvest festival and its importance. The importance of Pongal and thanks giving to plants and farmers.
  • SBOA School Senior Secondary, Madurai celebrated 72nd Republic Day in the school premises under the able guidance of dextrous correspondent Shri.A. Senthil Ramesh with patriotic pride on 26.01.2021. Mr. Arul Jegan, Teacher, Department of Humanities welcomed the gathering. Chief guest Mr. Jegan, Branch Manager, State Bank Of India, Arasaradi branch hoisted the Tri-colour, our nation’s pride. He addressed the gathering and motivated the students to  achieve the zenith in all their endeavours with dedication and determination.
  • Initiation on National competition on the topic, “Conservation on water” on 29.01.2021. Team of staff and students met Dr.C.Swaminathan, Dept. of Agronomy, Agricultural college, Madurai to discuss about the plan to install water conservation system at school.
  • Miss. Josephine T.X. Gabriella was Felicitated on her retirement by our correspondent Mr. A. Senthil Ramesh and Principal Mrs. Sabural Banu Ibrahim on 29th January, 2021.
  • Month Observance by Department of Health:  Our school staff nurse Mrs. B. Sheela Rose handled an awareness class on “Mental Well Being”. Students gained knowledge on the symptoms of Mental illness and ideas were shared to improve the mental health.
  • Martyrs Day was observed on 30th January’ 2021 in SBOA School Senior Secondary, Madurai 19. Mrs Sabural Banu Ibrahim, Principal, Dr. M.Porkodi, Assistant headmistress, Teachers, Non-Teaching staff and children observed silence for 10 minutes at 11 a.m. to mark the tribute to National freedom fighters. Mr.Arul Jegan department of Humanities recalled about the sacrifices of freedom fighters through his speech. Candles were lit by Principal, Asst. Headmistress and teachers.
  • Thematic Observances - April 2012
    • World Earth Day:
      World Earth Day was observed  on 22.04.2021 to bring awareness among kids on how to protect our Earth. Kids were insisted to follow only two rules .
      To avoid the usage of  poly bags.
      Students take care of domestic pets
      Plant and  protect the trees.
      உலக பூமி தினம்
      மாணவர்களிடம் உலகம் வெப்பமயமாவதைத் தடுக்க மரக்கன்று நட அறிவுறுத்தப்பட்டது.
      இயற்கையை பாதுகாக்க ஊக்குவிக்கப்பட்டது.
    • ​World English Language Day / World Book Day:
      Bed Time reading Activity:
      World   "English language day" was observed  on 23.4.21 kids were encouraged to read story books before go to bed.
      And they also informed to note down two new vocabularies in their diary to develop their language skills.
      Readers club updates:
      Principal discussed about the extracts of the book “ My Indian ideas for the future” foreword by Srijanpal Singh
      உலக புத்தக தினம் 23.4.2021
      உலக புத்தக தினத்தை முன்னிட்டு மாணவ மாணவிகளிடம் அவர்களுக்கு பிடித்தப் புத்தகங்களைப் படிக்க அறிவுறுத்தப்பட்டது.

    • International Dance Day:
      There is no matter in the world that cannot be beaten by dancing it away! International Dance Day  was observed on 29.4.21.Kids were taught the art of dancing and  its positive impact on our lives.
      Music was played and kids were asked to dance during the online Class.

  • Building the cognitive skills of a child is an essential part of a first grader's learning process and academic success. Math activity for classes 1& 2  helps in enhancing  child's intellectual and cognitive development. 
  • Math Skill updates:
    • Number Sense: This is the ability of the child to count accurately both forward and backward.
    • Representation: Making mathematical ideas “real” by using words, pictures, symbols, and objects (like blocks).
    • Addition and subtraction: Addition is the "putting together" of two groups of objects and finding out the total objects. Subtraction tells "how many are left" or "how many more or less”.
    • Classes were conducted as per schedule with activity sheets. Monitoring Classes were conducted by the Class Teachers for classes 1-5 
  • PCRA 'SAKSHAM': PCRA 'SAKSHAM' ACTIVITY IN ASSOCIATION WITH ' THE HINDU'  was conducted on 15.2.21 for classes VI TO VIII. 4 Teams from class IX & 2 Teams from class XI were selected for a discussion on Conservation of petroleum products. Team leaders presented the points  to the students of class 6 to 8. Power point sent by Hindu News paper was also shown to the students by the incharge teachers Mrs.Srividya Kannan, Mrs.K.Hepziba and Mrs.Bessie Carl.  Students were sensitized on the different ways to conserve petroleum  products and they took a  decision  that they will pass on this message to their parents,relatives& neighbours. As a complement 4 team members  will receive e-  Hindu newspaper for 2 months. We thank our Principal , AHM for giving us this opportunity.
  • “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.It’s not the teaching it’s the learning.” Interesting activities and   competition were framed specially to have fun in learning during English week celebration between 8.2.2021 and 12.2.2021.Children enjoyed learning through activities and registered their active participation.students deployed the given ideas from opportunities  and developed a deliberate oral communication skill.
  • ​Cleanliness day:
    "Cleanliness is next to Godliness"
    In order to inculcate the value of cleanliness in the young mind, Cleanliness day was observed for the classes I & II .Children were taught how on how to keep themselves and their surroundings clean.
    Kids were asked to arrange their book shelves, toy rack and their wardrobe. Kids also shared their likes and dislikes among their friends .
    On 10.02.2021 Students of Class IX, X and XI taken oath on Child labour eradication day.

  • ​​On 10.02.2021 Road Safety Awareness day was observed. Mr. Manimaran – National Highway Traffic Inspector of police addressed the students and gave awareness and tips regarding the rules and regulations which have to be followed while driving for the students of Class IX and XI 
  • ​Tamil week celebration was conducted between 11.2.21 & 14.2.21. Various competitions like singing , fancy dress,  Essay writing, speech and dance were conducted.
    Students enthusiastically took part in the competitions and won prizes.

  • “The advance of technology is based on making it fit in, so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life” – by Bill Gates Co-founder of Microsoft. To make an awareness of the role of IT in our day to day life and to train the children about the usage of technological advancements, IT week was celebrated during 15.2.21 – 19.2.21. Teachers introduced the topics: Designing software, Google Glass, Dongle, IT companies, Animation software, Computers in the field of Medical, Military, Research and Career Guidance (Computer field) through online classes. Various competitions have been conducted related to the level of standards.
  • ​On 24.02.2021 State Girl Children Protection day was observed. Students of Class IX and XI took oath. 

    On 24.02.2021 Universal Prayer was convened by the students of Class IX and XI

  • "The science of today is the technology of tomorrow "
    The science week celebration was conducted between 22.2.21 and 27.2.21. Many competitions like Fancy dress, Drawing, Photograph of birds and Insects Conservation of water at home and power point presentation on Leprocy were conducted.

  • ​​World Happiness Day:
    Topic: International day of Happiness
    " If you choose to be happy today, the happiness will come to you tomorrow"
    International day of happiness day was observed on 20th March 2021 for the Classes I & II kids to find out their area of happiness. They were motivated and encouraged to feel the happiness through listening to stories, dance, songs, cycling, playing and art and craft. One of our grandparent was invited to share her happiness in their olden days through story & students were advised not to play with the gadgets. The kids were motivated to play the traditional games.

  • World House Sparrow Day:
    To mark the importance of 'world house sparrow day' (20th March 2021) Students were informed to set a water bowl on a tree branch or in the garden to invite birds to drink / bath in hot summer. They were insisted to take a photograph/ video and send it to the teachers. This is done to create awareness among the little ones about the extinction of sparrows in the globe.

  • World Water Day:
    World Water Day was observed on 22.3.21. The importance of saving water and awareness about the global water crises were taught. Children were insisted on how to conserve water at home. Song related to the topic was taught to the children.
  • Club Activities:
    English: Class I (Literary club Activity)
    Topic: "Paltoo Kahani"
    Activity: " Great stories happen to those who tell them". To develop the skills of reading and listening, a story telling session was conducted on 13.3.21. Children were motivated to create their own stories by imagining their pet as a hero. Children narrated innovative and captivating stories with good values.

    English: Class II (Literary club Activity)
    Questioning is the ability to organize our thinking around what we don't know. On 13th of March the 21st century skill club activity was conducted.
    Pictures were shown and the kids were encouraged to ask questions and answer the same to develop their observing , thinking and speaking skill.

    English: Grammar Proficiency Test :
    Grammar proficiency test was conducted for the students of Class I & II through Google form on 27.3.21.
    Assessment: The following skills were assessed for the students of Class I & II(12.3.21 to 20.3.21)
    *Creative writing - Describe a pet.
    *Spellings - Dictation
    *Speaking skill - Pair work conversation
    *Recitation- Poem

    Maths: Sifra club activity (20.3.21) - Multiplication
    "The speed of communication is wondrous is to behold. It is also true that speed can multiply their mental skill.
    The activity was given to evoke interest in mathematics as well as to increase calculation speed and to find the number of groups.
    Number art:
    The activity to draw the picture using numbers was given to improve the artist and identification skills.
    Playing with cards:
    Children were asked to take any two cards and to share the before and after numbers, to identify the bigger and smaller number, to draw the addition tree.

    Tamil: கழகச் செயல்பாடு:
    வகுப்பு:1                                        தேதி:20.3.21
    தலைப்பு: 'ஒரு சொல் பல பொருள், ஒரு பொருள் பல சொல்'.
    மாணவர்களுக்கு ஒரு சொல்லுக்கு வழங்கக்கூடிய பல பொருட்களின் பெயர்களைப் பற்றிய சொற்களை படங்களுடன் அறிந்து கொள்ளச் செய்தல்.
    ஒரு பொருளுக்கு வழங்கக்கூடிய பல சொற்களின் பெயர்களையும், அவற்றின் சொற்களையும் படங்களுடன் இணையவழியில் காண்பித்து அறிந்துகொள்ள வைத்தல். வினாக்கள் கேட்டு நினைவுபடுத்துதல்.

    Activity :  २        ए & ऐ matra
    The word associated with the letter ए & ऐ  matra was given to the Children,  to read the word and draw the picture in the space provided.
    To improve the knowledge of the students activity and worksheets were given. Name of the activity
    Ginti Milan
    Falo ki pahchan, Pictures name, Plurals name.

  • K.Akilan of class VI participated in the state level Silambam Competition organized by World Silambam Association on March, 14 2021 and bagged  II place.
  • International Pi day March 14th was celebrated on March, 15 2021. Assembly talk was given by Mrs. Pandima Devi regarding the facts on Pi day. Facts about Pi were discussed in the assembly. Children were given mnemonic techniques in memorizing the digits of Pi named Piphilology.  Students were asked to read Mik Kirth's "Not a wake" book entirely written in Pilish dialects.
  • ​Santhosh of class V participated and in the State level Roller Hockey Competition Under 12 category organized by Roller Skating Federation of India on March, 2 2021 and bagged  II place in State level.

International Olympiad of value system, Health and Wellness was conducted in the month of November 2020. Our student Shreenithi Kathirvel of class IV got International level overall 3rd rank in Olympiad with a score of 96.67 percentage. Following students emerged as SCHOOL TOPPERS:
1. Shreenithi Kathirvel - class IV
2. Angeline Shalom - class VII
3. R.G. Vibasha - class X