Affiliation No.  1930868

(Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi)


Melakuilkudi Road

Nagamalai West

Madurai TN 625019

Ph: 0452 2459105

     English Elocution – I Prize
     Fireless Cooking – II Prize
     English Essay Writing – II Prize
     Picture Talk – III Prize
     Light Music – III Prize
     Fancy Dress – I Prize
     Action Songs – II Prize

Academic Achievements

#  Inter School Competition on “Save Public Sector” was conducted by  SBIOA Educational Trust on 18.10.2016. K. Sakthi Harini and  L.P. Sudarshana of Std. VII participated in Elocution Competition in English and Tamil respectively.

#  4 Teams comprising 5 students each presented their projects on “National Children’s Science Congress”.

#  Our students won prizes and secured overall third place in Inter School Competition conducted by SVN College, Madurai.

#  Hannah Philip of Std VII received the State Level award in the High Scorers’ Musical Concert in Chennai.

#  M. Priya Lakshana of Std. III ‘A’ won the I Prize in the Mega Drawing Competition ‘Brainy’ that was organized by Mid Brain Academy.

#  N. Haseeb Ahsan of Std. VII & R. Siddhartha of Std. VIII won II Prize in Magic and Cool Experiment, V. Lok Visnu of Std. VIII won II Prize in Power Point Presenation, K. Harshini & Adli Jotham of Std. VI won Consolation prize in Poster Making in SESS-2017, Interschool Competition conducted by Ayya Nadar Jayaraj ICSC School, Madurai.

#  Sethu Raghavan & Siddhartha of Std. VIII and Haseeb Ahsan of Std VII participated and won prize in the Quiz competition conducted by Postal department of The Government of Tamil Nadu.

#  Students participated and won prizes in Dolphin Carnival 2017 - Interschool competition organized by Dolphin Matriculation School.

  • #  Abacus Level-1 and level 2 examinations were conducted. 61 students took part in it.
  • #  School level Spell bee competition was conducted by Wow Spell bee foundation for the Students of Std. I to VIII 
  • #  Inter School Spell Bee Competition was conducted for the Students of Std. V to VIII. Nearly 21 students were selected from classes V to VIII under category 4 & 5 to participate in the State Level Spell Bee competition. 
  • #  Students of Std. VIII have completed the SUITS Programme in collaboration with Bharathidasan University.
  • #  Olympiad examinations on English, Science, Social, Maths and Information Technology are conducted for students.
  • #  Four of our students got selected for State Level Grand Finale Spell Bee competition held in Trichy. K. Harshini of Class VII A and Divya Dharshini of Class VI A  have got the privilege of being placed in 21stand 43rdpositions respectively in the State Level Grand Finale Spell Bee Contest.
  • #  SESS competition was organized by Jayaraj Annapackiam ICSE school. Students of our school stood in overall position 5 among the Madurai schools by winning I prize in ‘Journalist’ and ‘User Manual’ competitions, II price in PowerPoint presentation and III prize in Fancy dress and Working model competitions. 
  • #  Students take up ‘Clash of Pi’ – National Mathematics Contest organized in partnership with The Hindu. U. Abirami of VII C has reached a significant percentile score and placed in 90th position in the National level.
  • #  Students have won 21 Gold Medals, 17 Silver medals and 11 Bronze medals in English, Maths, Science, Social Studies and GK in the International Olympiad.