Affiliation No.  1930868

(Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi)


Melakuilkudi Road

Nagamalai West

Madurai TN 625019

Ph: 0452 2459105

SBOA Reads Festival
Children’s day is observed as ‘Reading Day’ and ‘SBOA Reads’ Festival is celebrated throughout the second week of November to inculcate the importance of Reading variety of activities held such as:
  *  Reading  Olympics
  *  Reading Marathon
  *  Gift a Book
  *  Word Building
  *  Memory game
  *  Book Carnival
  *  Interaction with authors & Journalist
  *  Book Swap
  *  Book Exhibit
  *  Read and Match

An ideal and innovative programme for the children to inspire, empower and enhance their problem solving skill to analyse, synthesise and interpret the social problem. Students take up projects conducted by NCSC (National Children’s Science Congress).