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Contribution towards the field of environment education

SBOA School (CBSE) promotes the concern for nature in students through the following activities in the field of environment education:
   #   World Environment Day is observed every year with many interesting activities like
          *   rally, 
          *   awareness programme, 
          *   planting saplings at school and at neighbourhood, 
          *   oath taking,
          *   preparation of seeded moulds etc.

   #   Vermi compost pit is maintained in the school campus.

   #   Students are given the privilege of enjoying the herbal garden with more than 100 herbal plants.

   #   Greenery of the campus is taken much care. Children donate plant saplings during birthdays. 

   #   Classroom garden is also maintained. Children are encouraged to nurture nature through various activities in the disciplines of science and life skills.

   #   In a National Level project named i-can, organic farming was done at a village called Keelamathoor.

   #   Students are also taken for a special trip to the neighbouring university named, Madurai Kamaraj University during special occurrences of astronomical events like red moon, eclipses etc. for observation using telescopes.

   #   Seed balls are also distributed to neighbouring panjayath union schools and blind schools.

   #   Assembly talk, classroom activities and competitions are conducted during Science Week observance.

   #   Dr. Kalam’s Club and Eco – club function effectively with the motto of promoting a curiosity to explore nature and preserve the environment.