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   #   Staff Empowerment programme was organized for teachers of KG and facilitators of QC Teams. Mrs. Shakura Vincent, Curriculum and QC Co-ordinator of TVS Schools, Madurai was the resource person.

   #   Mrs. M. Bessie Carl and Ms. S. Sumathy, Computer teachers of our school attended a workshop on Student University Industry Tie-up Scheme(SUITS) programme conducted by Bharathidasan University, Trichy for two days at PTR Engineering College, Madurai.

   #   Principal handled a workshop on “Express and Experience - KNOW YOURSELF” for the KG teachers.

   #   Quality Circle seminar was arranged for the teachers of all departments on “Implementation of quality enhanced teaching tools” in their respective subjects.

   #   Workshop on Primary Math for the Department of Maths was conducted by Scholastic Resource Personnel.

   #   Dr. Indra Jayaraj, Vice-Principal of the SHARPEN Academy visited our school on 28.08.2018 and handled a model class for the English teachers.

   #   A Guest lecture was arranged for Guide Teachers of NCSC Project in collaboration with Tamil Nadu Science Forum. Dr. Shakila, Professor, Department of Biotechnology, Madurai Kamaraj University was the resource personnel. Mr. K. Satish Kumar, SGT-Chemistry of our school is elected as one of the members of TNSF.

   #  Teachers of all department took model classes for their department teachers from 13.09.2018 to 19.09.2018 to keep teachers update on new teaching methodologies.

   #  A workshop was convened by SHARPEN Academy for the English teachers at the SBOA Matric. Hr. Sec. School, Madurai.    Mr. Vadivelu from Orient Blackswan cum ELT Consultant was the resource person.

   #  A seminar was conducted for the students of classes VII & VIII and teachers by postal department personnel on 5.11.2018. They focused on “Saving money”. Mr. M. Naganathan, Manager, Department of Postal services and a parent of our school was the resource person.

   #  A one-day workshop was organized for the Department of Tamil by SHARPEN Academy on 24.11.2018. 
Dr. Balaraman, Professor, Nandanam Arts College, Chennai was the resource personnel.

   #  A one-day workshop was organized for Student counsellors by SHARPEN Academy on 24.11.2018. Mr. Sathyamoorthi, Professor, MSSW University and Mr. Kirubakaran, E2 Soft skills trainer were the resource persons.

   #  SHARPEN Academy organised two days workshop on 11th and 12th of January, 2019 for the teachers of Department of English. Various sessions on Picture Composition, Hints Development, Letter Writing, grammar & their Web Address, Article Writing & Poetry Comprehension and evaluation of composition exercises were handled by faculties of JC and Dr. Indra Jeyaraj, Vice-Principal, SHARPEN  Academy.

   #  A workshop for the teachers of department of Biology was organized by Sharpen Academy. Mr. Wilkins Santosh, Professor of Nandhanam Arts and Science college, Chennai was the resource person.  

   #  Maths Teachers were trained  on handling class X on 15.02.’19 & 16.02.’19.

   #  Maths Teachers Workshop on "Mathematics Skill For Academic Excellence" was organized by SHARPEN Academy  on 23.02.2019.

   #  Workshop for music and dance teachers of SBOA schools was organized by SHARPEN academy on 16.02.19. Mr. J. Kennedy, Music teacher of our school attended it. Mr. Panneer Selvam, Mrs. Himaja and Mr. Parthasarathy were the resource persons.

​Staff Empowerment Programme