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                         SBIOA Higher Academy for Research  and  Professional Enhancement (SHARPEN)

Teachers play a vital role in the lives of  their students. They are entrusted with the mammoth responsibility of educating their students for life. It is not enough to be highly qualified , it is more important to keep on learning and updating oneself.  SBIOA Educational Trust whose focus is  to provide  the best education to students decided way back that all its  staff members will be provided with the opportunity to keep abreast of  the changing requirements of society by way of education.

 Keeping this in mind, the Educational Trust decided to start an Academy for learning. The need to have a dedicated space exclusively for this purpose was felt . With the construction of the third floor of the SBOA School and Junior College, a full-fledged Conference –cum-Training Centre, completely air-conditioned, was created .

 The objective of this unique project is to ensure that  all our staff   do not stagnate at the level they entered the school due to lack of learning opportunities but grow professionally and in turn help the students to grow. SHARPEN  has been conducting workshops, training programmes and seminars, since then .  Programmes designed are need based and cater to  different levels right from the Kindergarten to the Higher Secondary. Programmes are conducted even for the non-teaching staff – bus drivers, conductors , office staff etc.  These programmes cover all staff members of   SBIOA Schools under the banner of the SBIOA Educational Trust.  Besides the programmes conducted by the Academy , all SBIOA Schools  also conduct in- service programmes for their staff at their premises.

The highlight of the Academy was the National Seminar on Challenges in School Education held in June 2014. As many as 28 speakers from across the country addressed the teachers at the two-day seminar. ‘IGNITE-2015’ - a Mega Literary, Cultural, Documentary Films, Book, and Food Festival introduced students and teachers to eminent educationists, social activists, environmental conservationists, debut writers, novelists and documentary filmmakers.

The Annual Orientation Programmes like the Change Leaders Conference ( 2016), Breaking Barriers(2017), Unity in Diversity ( 2018) brought together policymakers, practitioners, educators, health experts, economists, environmentalists, leadership teams from across the country to deliberate issues that transcend the confines of a classroom.    

This year, the Academy has introduced the Action Research Programme for teachers.   In the future, the Academy hopes to conduct many more professional enrichment programmes, encourage research , bring in more subject experts to offer guidance and training and strengthen the competence of our own teachers to offer training.