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Talent Hunt & Nurturing

Fluency of students in English, Tamil and Hindi is enriched by celebrating Language festivals that comprise activities, competitions and interactions with vibrant legends of various genres.

The staff nurse maintains cumulative medical reports of the pupil with periodical health check-up. Periodic visit by special Medical Officer ensures
     *       The physical growth of the students
     *       Prevention of diseases
     *       Proper track of vaccination
     *       healthy life style 

Evening coaching is conducted to train the students in Athletics, Basketball, Hockey and Football. Sports students win laurels in different levels from Regional to International.

To nurture well-rounded personalities, talent nurturing programmes on various fields on the basis of talent hunt is being conducted.

An added feather to the cap of SBOA, is the smart class. It is an ICT based solution that combines state of the art technology which is interlinked with the NCERT syllabus. It is an effective tool filled with multimedia based interactive content. Students understand through the visualization of the 3 – Dimensional interactive multimedia modules. This promotes and enhances the smartness in children with meaningful use of technology.

Evening Sports Coaching

Members of YEM involve themselves willingly to dedicate man power towards driving change for a better environment. Students are involved in various activities like making the campus green & clean, maintaining vermi-compost pit and to create awareness to the people in the neighbourhood on avoiding plastics and recycling of Biodegradable waste.

School Counselling Service


Melakuilkudi Road, Nagamalai West 

Madurai TN 625019

Ph: 0452 2459105, 9025586293 


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The school plies its own buses, vans and buses on contract for the convenience of our students. The charges vary according to the distance. 

Editorial Board

Language Festivals

Our school publishes an In-house Magazine. The Editorial Board of the school functions with student representatives. The Chief Editor and other members in the Editorial Board have specific responsibilities in making this creative venture a great success.

School Transport

In-house Counselling Unit named ‘Early Spring’ is launched. A Professional Counsellor provides guidance in the field of Education and Character Moulding. The counsellor also serves as the School-Home Liaison officer.

​​​​​Smart Class

Health Centre

Young Environmentalists Movement