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  • Aravindh Dharshan of IV A participated in the State Level Yoga Championship - 2022 organized by R.K. Yoga Centre, Madurai on 4.12.2022. He received Silver Medal and certificate.
  • T.Kavin of IV A participated in state level Silambam  conducted on 20.12.22. He received Gold Medal and certificate.
  • Sri Harshan Boopathy and Sri Varshan Boopathy  of V F participated in Inter school Archery tournament  on 7/1/23 conducted by  Decathlon .They received Gold and Silver Medal .
  • Abhinav Balaji P.A of VI-A participated in roller hockey competition and won III prize.
  • Jaishika.S of VII-G participated in Silambam  competition conducted by Vaigai martial arts and received Bronze Medal on 12th February, 2023
  • R.Lakshana Sri of VII-G received and placed World record in Silambam  conducted by Modern Martial arts on 26th February, 2023.
  • Selvi Yuthika of class IV D  participated in  Karate  competition  on 5th Feb 2023 and received orange and green Belt organized by Tathan school of JU BU.
  • Master A. Merwyn Jonas of Class III F Bagged Bronze Medal in the State Level Karate Championship - 2023 organized by MIYAGI WORLD GOJU RYE KARATE SCHOOL INDIA on    Jan 29 th 2023.
  • Master B.Sai Aravind of Class V  Clinched Gold Medal in the State Level Silambam  open  Championship - 2023 organized by Arulperumjothi yoga matrum Makkal nalvazhvu Aaraichimaiyam  on Feb 5th 2023.
  • MSSC Sports and Games 2023 - 2024 Zone 6 Chess tournament was conducted by KLN school on 22-July, 2023.
  • Master A. Aswin got Gold in Under – 14 category, Selvi G. Lavanya Sri got Silver Medal in Under-17 category and S.B. Monica and K. Harikha got Bronze Medal under - 12 and under - 19 categories respectively.
  • MSSC Sports and Games 2023 - 2024 Zone 6 Carrom tournament was conducted by Om Sadhana school on 24-July. In girls under-17 category, Selvi G. Deepika and K. Harikha of class XII and in under-19 category, S. Jeyareshma and A.S. Jeneffa Rajathi of class XII bagged Gold Medal in Singles and Doubles tournaments. In Boys under-12 category, Master S. Sabi & G. Pranavwavel got Gold in Singles and Bronze in Doubles carrom tournaments. In under – 14 category, D. Sridharan & K. Ajay got Silver Medal in Doubles. In under – 17 category, S. Jairohit & R.P. Selvaganapathy got Gol in Doubles and Silver in Singles and in under-19 category, KeerthiAhaash & K.G. Vishal got Silver Medals in Doubles carrom tournament.
  • Master M. Rithish of class IX and  N.R. Kinghsten Manuwell of class X  E participated in 48thTamilnadu State Shooting Championship conducted by Tamilnadu shooting club at Madurai from 17.7.2023 to 23.7.2023 and secured 359/400 and 349/400 respectively and got Bronze Medal.
  • M. Varsha Rohini and M. J. Priya Lakshana have successfully completed the group record event and received the certificate of achievement on “The Greatest Silambam  World Record 2023” conducted by Dhanalakshmi Traditional Arts Academy on 13.08.23.
  • G.M. Harshith and T.M. Anandha Prabhakaran of class VIII E got the first prize.  M.Magizh Rayar of class VII E and M. Prathap of class VIII C bagged the second prize. V. Dharsika and T. Jana Hamshini of class VII B snatched the third prize.
  • Selvi R. Varsha of Class III-A bagged Gold Medal in State Level Badminton Tournament organized by Kamaraj College of Engineering and Technology, Virudhunagar between 5th Aug and 7th Aug 2023
  • Our school Volleyball team (Boys) secured Runner-up in Sahodaya Zone-6 Volleyball tournament conducted at Velammal Vidhyalaya on 9th August 2023.
  • Master N. J Shyam Santhosh bagged Second Place in Mahatma Gandhi 25th All India Invitation Karate Championship, Chennai on 27.08.2023.​
  • ​Our school Girls Basketball team participated in MSSC Basketball tournament conducted by Queen Mira school on 28/08/2023.
  • In Under – 17 category, our school girls team were the Winners and in Under -14 and Under - 19 categories our girls team were the Runners-up.
  • Our school hosted MSSC Madurai Range Football Tournament between 28/08/2023 and 30/08/2023.
  • Our school boys’ team were the winners in Under 12 and Under 17 categories and in Under 14 category, they were the   Runners up.
  • In the girls’ team we were the winners in Under – 17 category and Runner-up in Under -14 and Under - 19 categories.
  • Selvi M.Thansika of UKG bagged Bronze Medal in Butterfly Stroke in District Level Swimming Competition organized by Aquatic Association, Madurai on 2.09. 2023.
  • Selvi R. Lakshaya of Class I bagged Silver Medal in Butterfly Stroke and two Bronze Medals in Back Stroke and Breast Stroke respectively in District Level Swimming Competition organized by Aquatic Association, Madurai on 2.09.2023.
  • Selvi M. Moshika of Class II bagged four Gold Medals in Free Style, Butterfly Stroke, Back Stroke, and Breast Stroke respectively in District Level Swimming Competition organized by Aquatic Association, Madurai on 2.09.2023.
  • Master Viyan of Class V Bagged Silver Medal in the District Level Taekwondo  Championship - 2023 organized by Madurai District Taekwondo Association on Feb 5th 2023.
  • S. Anumithra of Class- V-D Bagged Bronze Medal in the Kalvi 1st Junior Athletic Meet organized By Kalvi group of schools on 13th Feb 2023.
  • S.Niranjan of Class III Bagged Bronze Medal in the 2nd State Level Silambam  Championship - 2023 organized by Vaigai martial arts on 12.02.2023.
  • S.ViswamuthuRajavel of class V F has performed Silambam  double stick blind folded continuously for 5 hours (Longest duration)  in the Cholan Book of World  Records on 12-Feb 2023.
  • Moshika. M of class II-C participated in 9th State Level Short Course Age Group Aquatic Championship -2023 conducted by SDAT-Dolphin Swimming Academy Chennai. She got the I prize in 50 metre free style, 25 metre breast stroke and 25 metre freestyle. She was awarded with the Individual Championship Shield and a Certificate.
  • K. Dhanush Kumar of Class VII participated in the Cricket match conducted by Velammal Cricket Academy “Believe yourself Trophy May 2023” in Under 14 category and was awarded with the “Best Wicket Keeper” award. He has also been selected for Madurai District Cricket Team.
  • Tamil Nadu State Amateur Kickboxing Championship 2023 was conducted by Tamil Nadu Physical Education & Sports University, Chennai from 26th May to 28th May 2023. S. Rakshambika of Class VIII participated under the Category 46 Kg.
  • S. Rakshambika of class VIII E participated in the Tamil Nadu Amateur Kickboxing Association and received a Silver Medal and a certificate.
  • Moshika. M of class II-C bagged the III prize in 50 metre Bi-fins competition in 3rd  State Level FINSWIMMING MEET-2023 conducted by Tamil Nadu State Under Water Sports Association on 01.07.2023.
  • Selvi T. Dhanya Sree bagged Gold Medal and Master T.  Sai Saran bagged Bronze Medal in District level Yoga Open Championship held at Race course, Madurai on 02.09.2023.
  • ​Selvi Sai Sri of Class IV bagged Bronze Medal in the State Level Silambam  Championship organized by Grand Master Martial Arts Academy at Sri Prasana Venkateswara Mat. Hr. Sec. School, Madurai on 03.09.2023.
  • Master R. Reshikezh of class X participated in ‘Tamil Nadu Selection Trials for Under- 16 Men team’ conducted on 09.09.2023 and has been selected for All India SNBP Hockey Tournament which is to be held at Pune between 31.09.2023 and 7.10.2023 
  • In the M.S.S.C. Taekwondo Tournament held at Queen Mira International School, Madurai on 08.09.2023, Master S.P. Bhavan Shankar of Class IX bagged two Gold Medals, Selvi S. Rakshambiga of Class VIII won the Gold and Bronze Medals and Master R. Sri Sai Saran of Class VII bagged the Silver Medal.
  • In the MSSC Silambam  tournament held at Queen Mira International School, Madurai on 09.09.2023, Selvi M. J. Priya Lakshana won the Silver Medal, S.Shavan, V.Jeevitha, S.P.Sai Subramanian and M.Varsha Rohini bagged the Gold Medal and  S.Elaventhan bagged the Bronze Medal.Type your paragraph here.

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